111of111.com 111 Photographs of 111 Westminster Street in Providence, RI


All photographs by Peter Green

“ a striking series... ”

Providence Journal »
"...a striking series of photographs that capture the downtown landmark in a dizzying array of weather and lighting conditions."
“ remarkable... ”

Providence Monthly »
"...what is most remarkable is how each photos truly displays its own unique identity while portraying one the the city's most well-known buildings."
“ otherworldly... ”

Providence Daily Dose »
"...this beautiful poster... it looks otherworldly. Green has transformed our Superman building into the Fortress of Solitude."

June 2013: Providence Art Windows exhibits juried art installations to fill empty retail spaces and participating gallery spaces. A gigantic 8'x11' version of my poster in currently hanging on Fulton Street.

February 2014: Duo Pictures made a short video using photos from this project and audio from an impromptu interview with me. The editing and addition of music is quite striking. Please click below to watch.

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